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In this book, I intend to tell the Biblical story in the form of an historical epic without detracting in any way from its religious significance. I will not refer to very many of the events stressed in the Bible, because they deal solely with religious aspects, and that is outside my purview here. While the Bible describes the rule of the kings through the prism of their relationship with God, and does not often refer to international events and the role of the Israelite kingdoms in these events, I have taken upon myself to try to place things in the historical perspective. The religious lessons and explanations are clearly stated in the Bible, and there is neither need nor possibility to add to them.

A book - “Give us a King”

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Give us a king

Israel Now and Then – 6 part D.V.D. Series.

The six part D.V.D. goes in depth to explain the Israel of the Bible as well as Israel today. Along with the D.V.D. there is a power point presentation projected in the back ground. Each lecture lasts around 70 minutes.
The topics are – 1-The geography of the Bible. 2- Israel in the days of Jesus. 3 – Judaism – religion and people. 4- Jerusalem, the city of the great king. 5 – Current events in Israel part 1. 6 – Current events in Israel part 2. 

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Israel Now and Then

A book - “The geography of the BIBLE”

With historical notes.
An in depth study in the country's geography. One will have a hard time understanding Israel's history without knowing its geography as the two are tightly connected. Knowing the land, its roads, springs, mountains and valleys sheds light on Biblical events and adds a whole different dimension to the readers understanding of scriptures.

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The geography of the BIBLE

A book - “The story of Israel”

One land, many civilizations, one promise.
In this study, you will be able to follow four thousand years of the country’s history. It is presented chronologically, from one era to another starting with the days of Abraham to the modern state of Israel. In plain language, the author focuses on the key events and provides a clear picture of the frequent transitions from one era to another.  The book will give you the reader a basic understanding of this fascinating land and will create a hunger in you to learn more about Israel.

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The story of Israel

A book - “Give us a King”

A book - “The story of Israel”

A book -  The geography of the BIBLE

6 part D.V.D. Series - Israel Now and Then

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The geography of the BIBLE
The story of Israel
Give us a king
Israel Now and Then

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