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Welcome to Israel seminars
My name is Ronny Simon and I'm an Israeli historian and a licensed tour guide who lives and works in Israel. The intense guide training and an academic degree in history & geography, in addition to 30 years of guiding all over Israel, made me an expert in the history and geography of the land.
I am a regular visitor in church conferences, colleges and universities in the U.S.A. where I teach about the history of Israel and current events in the Middle East.
As all Israelis, I served in the Israel Defense Forces' (I.D.F.) reserves holding a rank of a Lieutenant Colonel. I believe that my military experience adds a significant dimension to my ability to convey the complicated situation in the Middle East.

Over the years, I have authored and published three books:
  'The history of the Israeli Palestinian conflict'
   An in-depth study in the sources of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.
  'The story of Israel – one land, many civilizations, one promise'
   The book covers in a brief and simple way some 4000 years in the land's history era after
   era. In such a short study one can only focus on the main events that typify each era.
   The book is a good resource in having a basic understanding of Israel's past.
  'The Geography of the Bible'
   An in depth study in the country's geography. One will have a hard time understanding
   Israel's history without knowing its geography as the two are tightly connected. Knowing
   the land, its roads, springs, mountains and valleys sheds light on Biblical events and adds
   a whole different dimension to the readers understanding of scriptures.

  'Give us a king - the rise and fall of the Hebrew kingdoms'
   While the Bible describes the rule of the kings through the prism of their relationship
    with God, and does not often refer to international events and the role of the Israelite
    kingdoms in these events, I have taken upon myself to try to place things in the historical
    perspective. The religious lessons and explanations are clearly stated in the Bible, and
    there is neither need nor possibility to add to them.

In 2011 I was voted by the Israeli ministry of tourism as most distinguished guide for 2011.