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Ronny Simon is one of Israel’s most respected and sought after tour guides, and for good reason. Over the 20+ years we have worked together, I have found His knowledge of the Bible & and the Land to be encyclopedic; his ability to communicate, exceptional; and he makes every effort to insure that each tour is the best possible experience for all involved. But most of all he is a man deeply committed to personal honesty and steadfast integrity. It is an honor to have his as one of my dearest and most trusted friends. He makes every tour a delight!

Pastor Ken Ortize, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Spokane, WA.

I have hosted many study tours of Israel and Ronny Simon is the best guide I have used. His knowledge of the geography and history of Israel is unsurpassed.   In fact, for every tour I now lead I always request Ronny Simon.  I have also had him lecture at the University I lead in the United States (Grace University).  He has lectured and taught at Grace and the students respond incredibly to his teaching.  He is an excellent communicator and teacher.  Ronny is a treasure and I highly recommend him for tours of Israel and for seminars.  Ronny’s skills in relating the history and geography of Israel to the Bible are unsurpassed.
Dr. Jim Eckman, president of Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska.

If you are planning a trip to Israel, Ronny Simon is more important than comfortable shoes or sun screen. I studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, have traveled to Israel for more than forty years. Ronny Simon provides an insight into Israel, ancient and modern, which exceeds any other experience I have known. He is able to communicate with people in a way which causes them to want to become learners. Ronny is willing to work with others in crafting an experience that meets the unique desires of each group. We have worked together on large tours and smaller VIP events. In each instance Ronny has interacted with those involved to make the days in Israel life-changing. I can recommend Ronny as a tour partner without reservation.
Pastor Allen Jackson, senior pastor, World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Dear Ronny,
Words can not begin to describe how wonderful our trip to Israel was, you and your knowledge of the area made it incredibly special, thank you! 
It was a trip of a lifetime and you and Jim made it extraordinary.  We will never hear the theme song to Pulp Fiction or the Simpson’s in the same manner.
With all the fuss at the airport, I missed getting to say goodbye, so a big hug from Nebraska to you. Ronny, you have a tremendous gift and we are eternally grateful!
Bob & Janelle Zeleny


Dear Rony, 

There are no words to tell you just how much having you as my guide in Israel meant to me. I have been singing your praises throughout my tour and especially upon my return to Georgia in USA. I am forever grateful to you for teaching me all your knowledge about the Bible....understanding the geography, history, culture have enriched my understanding of the Bible.I can't read God's Word now without thinking of everything you taught me. I took notes every day of the tour so I could try and remember at least most of what you taught.  God really blessed me with you. THANK YOU.   I started missing you when I got home and have already watched the first DVD that I bought from you. Its awesome!!!!! Also, PLEASE keep me updated on your book on the kings and prophets....I would love to have a copy when you finish it!
I do so hope to see you again! You have given me a great desire to return to Isael and spend even more time at the places you showed us. That is my new return to Israel one day.
Thank you again for everything!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!
Aqua Bus loves Rony!!!!!

Blair Stegall

Hello Ronny,
Truly,  there are not enough words to express our thanks to you for devoting yourself to educating people about your beloved country through guiding.  Our recent trip to Israel under your tutelage was academically challenging (for those of us who were poor students of history :),  and emotionally and spiritually a great inspiration.  God has gifted you with a great intellect, memory, burning desire to present the cause of Israel, and an articulate tongue.  You clearly demonstrated excellent socratic teaching skills with your daily recap of where we had been the previous day while touring.  
I had read books by Isaac Bashevis Singer and Chaim Potok as a young woman, and we devoted quite a bit of time reading Jewish history and the history of the region from secondary sources prior to the trip.  However,  we gained such a depth of knowledge and insight from your teaching.  Thank you for drafting your book which we have read upon our return.  Richard has been viewing your lectures on You Tube and we have a new found interest that we can pursue through retirement.  We simply cannot thank you enough for giving us this gift.  
We're praying that you and your children are coping well with the loss of your wife, and are adjusting to life without her.  We also pray for your safety,  that God will prosper Israel and the Jewish people everywhere, and that you will have many more years of good health.
Blessings to you this day,
Richard and Laura Ulrich Ronning


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