Israel Seminars - Ronny Simon - The Israeli mindset

The Israeli mindset

Looking at the map of the Middle East one will immediately understand that Israel is located in the center of the toughest neighborhood in the world. The tragedy of the Arab world and the disintegration of Arab countries happen on a daily basis. The brutality demonstrated by the Arab Muslims while butchering each other in behalf of Islam is horrendous.

The regional events influence and shape a new mindset in the Israeli public. It will be only natural to assume that a radical approach on one side will cultivate a radical approach on the other side as well. Meaning that based on what the Israelis see happen in the Arab world will have the same effect on the Israeli public.
Studding the events that led to WWI one can see clearly how the tension and the level on national sentiments and national pride were rising equally all over Europe that led eventually to the war.

Israel is standing on the verge of general elections. Carefully viewing the Israeli public mindset will prove that taking a more radical approach towards the Arab world hardly happens. There are no inflammable speeches that call to a more militant approach. There are no hate speeches or pro war demonstrations. Israeli leaders don't advocate the destruction of Muslims, attach mosques or outlaw Muslim organizations or institutions.
Of course that caution is required when making steps that will affect Israel's future.
The reason why the Israeli public is not "dragged" to the mindset of hatred and anti-Arab sentiments is the Jewish mentality and way of life.

While the true nature of the Muslim way of life surfaces – dealing with one another violently brutally, the Jewish one also surfaces. The Jewish way of life advocates peace and justice. The Jewish religion does not teach dominating others by the sword. Two systems are colliding and demonstrate their most profound principles - one is advocating life and Justice, the other hatred and death

The articles in this section are reflecting the Israeli point of view regarding local and regional events.
I'm not a state official and I have no access to inside information. The articles and the opinions I'm expressing are mine alone and are based on observing and knowing the region and country for many years.