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PM Netanyahu's speech

Much was said and written about PM Netanyahu's speech in the U.S. congress last week.
The American media was divided over the issue as well as the Israeli one. The most interesting perspective regarding Netanyahu's speech was the one of the Arab media.

In many Arab newspapers in and outside of the Arab countries (the most reliable Arab newspapers are published outside of the Arab countries due to the lack of freedom for the media in the Arab world).
Most of the important Arab newspapers had praised Netanyahu for the courage to confront the American president and also for the content of the message he delivered. The subtext of the above was criticizing the Arab leaders for not raising their voices against the deal the U.S. is working to achieve with the Iranian regime.

As long as the stated goal of Iran is the inhalation of Israel, it serves as a common denominator for the entire Arab – Muslim world. If the Arab leaders will speak up against Iran openly, they will be accused by their own people that they are betraying the ultimate goal of Islam – Israel's destruction. Although, a nuclear Iran presents a bigger threat to the Arab countries than to Israel, Israel is the one that stands in the front of creating world awareness to the danger. That awareness is jeopardizing the U.S's administration intent to work on a deal under the radar and to bring the world a done deal with Iran. When that happens, it will be almost impossible not to accept it since the whole reputation of the administration and the president will be compromised.  

The Arab media therefore took a clear stand with Netanyahu and against their own leaders on the matter.
One has to notice the irony – the Israeli Prime Minister had addressed the American congress not only in behalf of the state of Israel but also in behalf of the Arab Sunni world since their own leaders had lacked the courage to do so themselves.   


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