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I'm launching the zoom lecture series, on Thursday, April 30th. I hope you will find it interesting and if so, encouraged others to sign up as well.

  • I'm technologically challenged and although I'll have some help, please bear with me in case of technical problems.
  • For obvious reasons, you will be muted, although you can activate the sound on your end.
  • There is a way to write a message, or ask questions, that I'll be happy to read and answer after the lecture.
  • You can log in any time you want, even if you have missed the beginning of the session.
  • As I understand, watching it on a lap top computer, or tablet is better than cell phone.
  • Needless to say, please find the place that has the best WI FI reception.
  • Your comments and feed backs are always welcome.

Thank you

Ronny Simon

  • The lectures will be transmitted through using the zoom App.
  • Each lecture will take about 30-45 minutes.
  • The lectures will start at 04:00 AM Israel time. That means –
    21:00 (9 PM) eastern standard time.
    18:00 (6 PM) western standard time.
  • The dates refer at the day in the U.S.A. Meaning – it will be 04:00 in Israel on Friday. That means that the broadcast will take place on Thursday evening, U.S.A. time.
  • There will be one broadcasts a week – on Thursday.
  • Through the month of May and June, I'll present key locations in Israel that have a Biblical significance.
  • In July, I intend to speak about more general topics, that are not site related but have Biblical & historical significance.
April 30th
General introduction to the region & Caesarea by the sea
Caesarea was the Roman capital of Judaea. Built by king Herod in a most splendid way. It had the largest harbor in the ancient world and hosted the headquarters of the Roman administration (Praetorium). We'll "walk" through the key locations that are relevant to the Biblical era.
May 7th

Tel Megiddo, the plains of Armageddon
"The crossroads of the world". Megiddo was the most strategic point in this part of the ancient world. It was a chariot city that commanded the biggest battle field in world history. In Christian eschatology, that will be the location of the climatic battle of Armageddon (Mount of Megiddo).


May 14th

The sea of Galilee
The Sea of Galilee is the cradle of Christianity. Most of the public ministry of Jesus took place in the Jewish villages along the shores of the lake. Places that commemorate the "Sermon of the mount", walking on water, calming the storms, feeding the five thousand and more, took place on the shores of the lake. We'll "visit" the sites, sail on the waters of the lake etc.


May 21st

Beith – Shean
Beit Shean is the most spectacular archeological site in the country. From the days of king Saul, whose body was fastened on the walls of the ancient city, to a magnificent Roman town. We'll see the theatre, "Take a hot bath" in the bathhouse and even visit the public latrine out side the theatre.

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May 28th

Caesarea Philippi & Golan Heights
The place where Peter made his confession, is one of the most beautiful places in Israel. It is the source of the Jordan River and where a large Roman town used to stand. It is located at the foot of the Golan heights, also known Biblically as Bashan. We'll "walk" to the spring and sea the first drops of water that make the river Jordan coming out of the rocks. Not far from there was the road to Damascus.


June 4th

Qumran & "Dead sea scrolls"
The most important discovery ever made in Israel, some will say around the world are the "Dead sea scrolls". There were found by the site of Qumran and had brought much attention to the place that was not studied before. We'll see the cave where most scrolls were found, from a distance. We'll see several Mikvehs and will address briefly the question: Is there a connection between the site and the Dead sea scrolls?


June 11th

Jerusalem – the city of David
The city of David is where the story begins. This small area was excavated more than any other place in the world. We'll see the walls of Jebus that David had conquered. We'll "walk" through part of the old water system of the city, perhaps from the days of Malchizedek. The last part will take us to the pool of Siloam, where Jesus healed the blind man (John 9).


June 18th

Jerusalem – Temple Mount
Temple Mount is the man-made extension of Mount Moriah. That's were Solomon's temple was standing, on the same location Zerubbabel had built the second temple after the Judeans returned from Babylon. The Temple Mount is the manmade extension of Mount Moriah, built by Herod the Great. The platform is the largest platform of its kind in the world (36 Acres). On top of Temple Mount the Temple building was standing. It was an amazing structure in appearance and its fame reached every corner of the ancient world. Jesus prophesized the destruction of the building and indeed the Temple was taken down by the Roman legions, when they had suppressed the Jewish revolt in 70 A.D.


June 25th

Western wall & southern steps excavations
Temple mount was an amazing project that was built by a division of ten thousand stone masons, a thousand priests, building the house itself and many others. Fifty years of excavations had revealed the old road system in Jerusalem and had exposed the full length of the Western wall (Wailing wall) that was the western retaining wall of Temple Mount.
We will "walk" the streets that Jesus walked, climb the main staircase that lead into the Temple court yard and see the main cleansing area where three thousand people were baptized in Pentecost day.


July 2nd

The model of Jerusalem in the Israel museum

Walking the streets of Jerusalem today presents a big challenge to our comprehension of what was the city like in the days of Jesus. The city was constantly inhabited and therefore, what goes back to the days of the second temple is buried under newer road, houses, market places etc. Although we are closer now to understand the city from the days of Jesus, most of it is still not visible. Using the knowledge, we have gained over decades of excavations, a scale model of the city was built. The scale is 1:50 and provides a rare opportunity to observe the city to small details. Visiting the model is a must for those that what to have a deeper understanding of the city. We can, from a bird view to follow the key points related to the last day of Jesus' ministry from the Upper Room, to the garden of Gethsemane, the house of the high priest Caiaphas, to Praetorium and walk the "Way of the Cross" to Mount Calvary.  

Lecture schedule for April 30th – July 2nd, 2020

Lecture schedule