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Touring Israel is a unique experience
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"Ronny Simon is one of Israel’s most respected and sought after tour guides, and for good reason. Over the 20+ years we have worked together, I have found His knowledge of the Bible & and the Land to be encyclopedic; his ability to communicate, exceptional; and he makes every effort to insure that each tour is the best possible experience for all involved. But most of all he is a man deeply committed to personal honesty and steadfast integrity. It is an honor to have his as one of my dearest and most trusted friends. He makes every tour a delight!"
Pastor Ken Ortize, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Spokane, WA

I have hosted many study tours of Israel and Ronny Simon is the best guide I have used. His knowledge of the geography and history of Israel is unsurpassed.   In fact, for every tour I now lead I always request Ronny Simon.  I have also had him lecture at the University I lead in the United States (Grace University).  He has lectured and taught at Grace and the students respond incredibly to his teaching.  He is an excellent communicator and teacher.  Ronny is a treasure and I highly recommend him for tours of Israel and for seminars.  Ronny’s skills in relating the history and geography of Israel to the Bible are unsurpassed.
Dr. Jim Eckman, president of Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dear Ronny,
Words can not begin to describe how wonderful our trip to Israel was, you and your knowledge of the area made it incredibly special, thank you! 
It was a trip of a lifetime and you and Jim made it extraordinary.  We will never hear the theme song to Pulp Fiction or the Simpson’s in the same manner.
With all the fuss at the airport, I missed getting to say goodbye, so a big hug from Nebraska to you. Ronny, you have a tremendous gift and we are eternally grateful!
Bob & Janelle Zeleny
The next part of the virtual tour will start on Thursday, August 6 th.
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Walking the foot steps of Abraham, David, Jesus and many others is a life changing adventure to many. The country’s rich past is unfolding as you cruise through the hills of Galilee and around the Sea of Galilee living again Biblical events. As you walk the streets of Jerusalem or observe the amazing view from the Mount of Olives, a dream of a life time is becoming a reality.

The clear link between Bible prophecy and the modern state of Israel is overwhelming as every were you go, you can whiteness how it is being fulfilled.  A nation that lost its independence and freedom two thousand years ago is back in the land creating a thriving and prospers society.
Many of you had read the Bible most of your lives. How exiting it could be when you will see with your very eyes the places you read about for such a long time.


Let me invite you to a journey of a life time – a trip to Israel.

The tours that I offer are suitable for families, church groups, professional tours, student groups etc.The accommodations can varie from de luxe hotels to B&B, based on your budget and the experience you are interested in
For private tours you will enjoy a modern 7-10 sitter van, comfortable and air-conditioned.
For larger groups modern de luxe buses are provided

A key word for a tour’s success is flexibility. I’ll be at your service to advise, plan and orchestrate for you the best trip you desire.